Bee’s products potential is limitless and after several scientific research have been published, it is now established that honey can assist the fight against aging, it is refreshing and enables us, along with its products, to create health products. It has also been established that honey can assist to the healing process of burn injuries, it has an antimicrobial capacity and due to its prebiotics it can contribute to our gastro-intestinal’s tract proper function.

Honeyville gives you some simple, homemade recipes that will help you deal with some of your everyday life problems.


Honey against coughing

Mix half a spoonful of honey with an equal amount of ginger and keep taking the mixture on daily basis until the cough wears off. In case of phlegm productive cough you mix equal amount of onion juice and honey and receive the mixture until the phlegm backs down.


Honey against stomachache

Make yourselves a mixture of honey and propolis, thyme recommended, of equal parts. Put it in a jar and take an everyday dose of a spoonful along with a glass of water. This is a very effective, natural medicine against intestinal parasites and disturbances. If you’re suffering from colitis, add pollen in the mixture in equal parts. The mixture must be consumed within 10 days because it expires, so you may follow this treatment for 10 days.


Honey against acme

Grate some apples, about 4, and mix them with honey until you have a solid paste. Then apply the paste over your face and leave it there for about 15-20 minutes. The mask will soon get dry and you will have to wash your face with hot water. Repeat for 2-3 times a week.